Steve Lawes on the Cinematography of Sherlock

Audio snippets from my latest in-depth interview
with cinematographer Steve Lawes (February 2015)


Steve was the Director of Photography on Sherlock series one (ASiP, TBB, ASiB), and the first two episodes of series three (TEH, TSo3).

The audio clips are excerpted from several hours of conversations I had with Steve in Ithaca, NY during the long, brutally cold winter of 2015 as a follow-up to our 2014 interview “Each Frame Tells a Story.” They’re a sneak peak at just a few of the topics we will cover in our in-depth on-line cinematography project which will launch in 2016.

These tumblr posts below fully illustrate the audio clips above.

  1. The King Clap (Setlock S3)
  2. How They Lit the Matchbox (TSo3)
  3. The Purple Shirt of Sex & the Power of Top Light (TGG)
  4. Benedict Cumberbatch Stand-In (Setlock S3)
  5. A Technical Tour of the Sony F35 Camera (Setlock S1)
  6. The Moonlamp (The 221b Baker Street set)
  7. Anatomy of a Slate (Setlock S1)
  8. The Look of Barts’ Lab (Acrylic Rainbows!) (S1)
  9. Shooting Handheld while Running (ASiP)
  10. The Impossible Shot (ASiP)
  11. The Explosion in 221b Baker Street (TGG)
  12. Cab Light Kismet (ASiP)
  13. One Frame and a Brilliant Focus Pull (TGG)
  14. The Famous 221b Baker Street Wallpaper (TGG)
  15. Taxi Reflections (Setlock)
  16. The Influence of Narc on ASiP
  17. Lighting 221b Baker: One of SL’s Favorite Frames (TGG)
  18. Lighting the Post-Explosion Wide Shot (TGG)
  19. The Slate: Eye Sharp (Setlock S3)
  20. Women on the Crew
  21. The Famous Magnified Macro Shot (TGG)
  22. A Wes Anderson Inspired Frame (ASiP)
  23. SL’s Philosophy of Headroom
  24. The Cinematography of Mycroft and John’s First Meeting (ASiP)
  25. 221b Cardiff Studio Set Exterior Lighting
  26. Contrast through Colour: Lighting 221b’s Kitchen (TGG)
  27. 221b Interior Night pre Season Three

MJ’s TUMBLR TEXT METAS inspired by the (2/15 Interview)

MJ’s TUMBLR TEXT METAS inspired by Steve’s work

Some analyses are spot on and some are colossally off the mark, but they’re mine and I clutch them to my chest.






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